“The right to vote is a fundamental right of every Indian citizen. According to the Indian Constitution, to avail this right, a person requires a voter’s ID card. Every Indian citizen attaining the age of 18 years can apply for a voter ID/election card. In addition to participating in the democratic process, a voter ID also serves as valid identity proof when applying for a loan to buy a property.

Earlier, it was possible to apply for a voter’s ID before an election, either local or national. However, the Election Commission of India (ECI) has now made it a lot simpler to apply for a voter’s card through an online application process.

How To Apply For A Voter ID Card Online

The online enrollment process for a new voter ID card is very easy. You should simply go to the official website of the Election Commission of India for enrollment.

The website has all the information with regards to the election process in India, from electoral rolls to the election schedules for upcoming surveys all over the nation. It also has a list of guidelines for citizens and other application forms that are needed for enrollment.

There are many forms regarding the name change process, the inclusion of voters’ names living in India, just like the people who live abroad, individuals from the military, those in government service, and so on.

To search for the form, you need to select the National Voters’ Service Portal on the homepage of the ECI site. Under the “Public Services” tab, click on “Apply online” for a new voter ID. You will be redirected to the online application form.

Steps To Apply For A Voter ID Card Online

The following steps are involved in the online application process for voter ID:

  • Open Election Commission of India official website.
  • Click on the National Voters’ Services Portal.
  • Click on “Apply onlineā€ for registration.
  • Fill in the details
  • Upload the required documents.
  • Click on “Submit”.

When you submit, you will get an email on the email ID you gave. The email has a link that redirects to a personal voter’s ID page. You will be able to track your voter ID application through this page. You will receive your voter ID card within a month from the submission of your application.

Documents Required to Apply for a Voter’s ID Card:

To apply for a voter ID card online, you will need the following list of documents:

  • One passport-sized photo
  • Birth certificate, passport, driving license, PAN Card, or secondary school marks sheet are all acceptable forms of identification.
  • Address proof: this could be either a ration card, passport, driving license, or a utility bill (telephone or power).

Voter’s ID Card Eligibility

  • The eligibility for a voter’s ID card is:
  • He/she should be a citizen of India.
  • He/she should have a permanent residential address.
  • He/she should be at least 18 years of age.