The Registration and Stamps Department of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana fixes and revises the market values periodically for agricultural and urban properties. Parties need to pay the stamp duty based on the records like sales, sale arrangement, development agreement, gift, partition, release, settlement based on these values. In such cases of sale, sale agreement, or release, the parties need to pay the stamp duty on the market value or as per the consideration in the document, whichever is higher. Therefore, ascertaining the market value of the given property being referred to is a significant step in the document registration. The Computer–aided Administration of Registration Department (CARD) allows residents to access this information via their website. The parties may get the current market value information from the Registration and Stamps Department of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

How to Check the Market Value

Citizens of Andhra Pradesh or Telangana can check the market value for a specific area. This can be done through the Registration and Stamps Departments of the state governments respectively.

  1. Visit the Registration and Stamp Department website.
  2. Click on “Market Value Search” and you will be re-directed to the concerned page.
  3. You can do it via land value or apartment value. Enter the District, Mandal, and Village and click on the submit button. When you click on the “Submit” button, you will be re-directed to the relevant page.
  4. Select the district and division starting from the drop-down list. You can either get market value by locality or by ward block. Click on Get Locality and you will get the government value.