What is Internet?

It is pretty late to actually understand “Internet” while the whole world is said to be running just because of that – no exaggeration!

Internet is a network that connects different computers around the world. To being able to connect to different computers physically, this Internet can make us connect to any computer or mobile anywhere in the world. It is quite rampant around the world upon which the entire corporate systems are dependent on. A day without Internet in the whole word will certainly be a hypothetical question!

However leaving Mobile data that we are offered based on the SIM network we do have Wi-Fi otherwise called Wireless Connections in almost every house these days.

Advantages of Wi-Fi:

• Wi-Fi is a wireless connection that will be able to share the same internet usage across multiple devices.
• It is reliable and is made in different bandwidths based on our usage.
• It can be installed to serve the purposes in offices, households etc.

Once we establish a Wi-Fi connection in your house or office, you may have to enter the password to access the connection once. From the next time you don’t have to enter password to access the Wi-Fi, it automatically gets activated on your mobile.

Do you know that we can check Wi-Fi password in Mobile without routing the mobile?


Watch this space to know-how.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Check Wi-Fi password in Mobile without routing the Mobile

Step-1: Click on “Settings” from your Main Menu and then Click on “Wi-Fi” option.

Step-2: You will get a list of Wi-Fi names that are close to you and under “Connected” option you will see the name of the Wi-Fi that you already logged in previously.

Step-3: Click on “Tap to Share Password” under “Connected” Wi-Fi name. A QR code named “Share Wi-Fi Network” will appear on the screen. Take a Screenshot of the QR code.

Step-4: Now go to “Google Play store” from your Main Menu and search for “QR Code Scanner” or “Bar Code Scanner” where you will find number of options of applications to download.

Opt “QR & BAR CODE SCANNER” By Gamma Play

Step-4: After you install this App, Open the App. Once you open the App it will open the Scanner.

Click on “Image” option on the top.

Step-5: Choose the Image of the Screenshot that you have taken earlier.

You will find all the details like Network name, Type and Password as well.

You can either use the Password shown there or just click on “Copy Password” present below.

This is the best and easiest option to know the Password of the Wi-Fi connection in your Mobile.

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