Hey Netizens! We are in an era that is dependent on the Digital Technology, Agree?
Gone are those days, where you wait for long hours to speak to your family members or a friend to convey any important message. It’s just a click on a button now, and there appears the person on the other side. Aren’t we lucky enough to have had such a fortunate opportunity? Let us get to know it more.

Social Media:

On a key note, Social Media which is definitely a notable part in this Digital Era has a profound effect on our lives, be it positive or negative. We are the deciders on which side of the effect should we be bending for. Either ways we are held responsible for what we consume.

Popular Social Media Platforms have been providing us content to consume along with establishing a connection with different known and unknown people throughout the globe. One of such platforms is Facebook that is definitely a part of most of our lives since 2004. Being one of the well-known platforms, it certainly has equal pros and cons to speak about, Privacy being the major concern.
Solution: To address the concern related to Privacy in Facebook, it is important to Lock your Facebook profile which is an extremely useful feature provided by Facebook.

Procedure to Lock your Facebook Profile:

Step-1: Login into your Facebook Profile and click on “Three horizontal lines” on the top right corner.

Step-2: Click on “See your profile” from the given options and it will take you to another page in your profile.

Step-3: Click on “…” option that will take you to “Profile Settings”.

Step-4: Click on “Lock Profile” option and again click on “Lock your profile”

Note: Read the points that are displayed on the screen before clicking on “Lock your profile”.

Step-5: It leaves you with a confirmation message saying “You locked your profile”, click “OK” to confirm.

Uses of Locking your Facebook Profile:

• People (Unknown) cannot see the Photos stored on your profile.
• Your posts will also be unseen to unknown people.
• Only friends from your Facebook list will be able to see your posts and pictures.

Note: Your profile will be visible to them i.e., they can open your profile but will not have access to see images and posts as mentioned above.

Hope this article has helped you to understand how to use the best privacy option “Locking your profile”. Stay tuned for more such amazing content on this website.

Use Social Media Wisely!