Indian Post Payment Bank ( IPPB )

IPPB is a Digital Savings Account which is paperless, safe, digital and secure way to open a digital account. It gives you digital access to all banking facilities such as instant transfers and remittances. Some other benefits such as phone banking, SMS banking, free quarterly e-statements and SMS alerts will also be made available for you.

Note: You need to have Aadhar Card and Pan Card mandatorily to open the account and the mobile number linked to the Aadhar Card should be there with us.

Let us learn in details how to open this IPPB Account Online

Step-by-Step Procedure to open IPPB Account Online

  1. Go to Play Store and search for “IPPB”. You will find an app with the name “ IPPB Mobile Banking”. Install the app and Open it.
  2. You will be asked to “LOGIN” when you open the app in your mobile and below that you will have an option that displays “ Open your account now”. Click on this option.
  3. You will be asked to enter “Phone number” and “Pan card number”, fill in the details and click on “Continue”. You will be asked to enter the OTP that was sent to the mobile number you typed in the previous page. Enter the OTP and click on “Submit”.
  4. In the next page you will be given two options to submit your Aadhar card details i.e., through QR Code Scan or Typing your Aadhar Card number under the option “Authentication Value”.
    Re-enter the Aadhar card number twice and “Tick” both the check boxes that are shown on the page and click on “Submit”.
  5. Enter the OTP that will be sent to the mobile number which is linked to your “Aadhar Card” and click on “Submit”
    You will be redirected to Account Opening Form in the next page which has the following options that you have to fill :
    Personal Information
    B. PAN & Communication Address
    C. Nominee details
    D. Additional Information
    E. Account Information
  6. First Click on “Personal Information” option. It will ask you to fill your name, mother’s name etc. Fill the necessary and click on “Save”
    You will go back to the previous page. Now click on Second option “ PAN& Communication Address” which will ask you to confirm your address which is on Aadhar card. Click on “SAVE”
  7. Click on Third option “Nominee details”. If you have Nominee click on “YES” and provide their details, if there is no Nominee click on “NO” and save.
    Come back to the previous page and click on your Fourth Option “Additional Information” where you have to give details like nationality, marital status, occupation type etc . In the last option it gives an option to choose Yes or No for the question “Are you a politically exposed person?” . Select “NO” and click on Save.
  8. Last option is “Account Information” click on it. It will first ask you “Require an account statement?” click on “YES” and next option “Mode of Account statement delivery” will be shown , you need to select “Online”.Scroll down a little which will show you “DBT MAPPING” option , click on the first option “I AGREE” then “TICK” the check box and click on Save.After filling all the five options under “Account Opening Form” , Click on “Continue”.Check all the details in the confirmation page and edit them if they are wrong if not click on “CONFIRM”.
    You will again receive an OTP for your mobile, enter the OTP and click on “Continue”
    You will be displayed a message saying “Account created successfully”.
  9. Go to Login Page and enter the details like Customer ID,Account number, Mobile number etc. It will display a message saying the mobile number will be linked after an hour. So, after an hour you will be able to login using the mobile number and other details successfully.
    You will also be asked to choose “MPIN” of your choice, choose that, type the OTP received on your mobile number and then click on “Submit”. It will display “Registration successful”
  10. Click on “Login” and type the MPIN you created sometime back . Your account will be successfully opened.
    This is how you can OPEN IPPB Account Online easily.You will be give many options to send money, receive money, pay bills, UPI transfers etc.Let us quickly look at how to send money from other accounts to IPPB accountFor example, you can go to Phone pe and click on money transfer “TO ACCOUNT”.
    Search for IPPB Account , type the account number and other details and save it.

    Note : You can get IPPB Account details if you click on “View statement” in your IPPB APP.

    Enter the amount in the Phone pe that you want to send to IPPB Account and check for the balance in IPPB App.

    If you want Rupay debit card, you can request by clicking on the option from the “Dashboard” directly.

    This is how you can open IPPB Account Online with hassle-free process.

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